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i am the worst person ever why am I so dumb
<p>Darwin is the adopted brother of [[gumball]] and he is very emotional when something sad happens Darwin crys that is very absurd. Darwin intelligence is normal when he done his A levels he just got to go to university that is surprising for gumball because gumball expected to him to go to college but he was top in his class but in the lowest university. he was in a good secondary school. he past his sats very strongly and his GCSC but when he gone to the hardest part of school he was going down then but again he was coming up again so altogether in his life he was quite clever but he is not even 0.1 percent of gumballs intelligence. Darwin got master degree in English and science and music. Darwin was not very strong but he was strong he can be happy also but he is way more kinder then his brother gumball. he got shocked about gumball doing that nasty thing.Darwin got a job Also but it is like normal jobs he was like the people who took there appointment he sometimes checks on them if there ok sometimes he tells them who is there doctor

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i am the worst person ever why am I so dumb

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