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Gumball GSB
I am a dumby
<p> Gumball is very strong he is a very strong guy when I say strong he is not actually strong in real life he is super duper weak so he fighten [[Rob]] and he won by 2 helper it was a very close fight Rob had 994 and gumball had 997 that is why [[Gumball]] is very lucky. Gumball is rank 30 that is very high he is in tier b that is second lowest tier but very high he had a fight with somebody in tier A [[Germany]] he is rank 10 better then half of the tier A he won buy 102 helper he just does thing very quickly. gumball hits are very strong 1 of his punch does 21 damage and when he grabs them and he grabs them by their leg and throw them very strongly that is 30 damage and one of his punches does 2 damage and his kick does 7 damage. he had a fight with England tier a rank 15 he kicked him but England dodged it and when the fight finished England beaten gumball by 50 helper. gumball may be very strong but the thing is gumball is very slow.</p>

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I am a dumby
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